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Lucy Tipper


"My journey with depression began at about 11 years old. I would periodically find myself so deeply unhappy and hard to enthuse, the only cure for me was to walk in nature and to indulge in art. This was a pattern that was to punctuate my life.

These listless feelings gave rise to low self-esteem and giving up on many of my dreams. However, in more recent years after a series of terrible losses I turned to nature and art to deal with my grief.

My work gathers plant materials and water from specific locations, which I guide through a dyeing process. The images are then painted with mineral pigments. I paint with the landscape that heals me and look at subjects that move me.

I often examine the desire to sink down into the earth, to rest my head on soft moss and draw a blanket of leaves over my tired and weary body. Depression turns my body heavy and my breath shallow. Nature lifts me up and painting helps me breathe."

See more of Lucy's work on instagram.

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