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Marcia Angus


“It always amazes me how art reflects the subconscious mind. This drawing started out as a regular Matryoshka doll but by some fluke, a caterpillar, woodworm or maggot appeared in her head! Suddenly I was off on a tangent - could this be me morphing into a better artist, fulfilling my dream, is there an underlying decay that's eating away at me, am I in this cocoon- like casing for protection or is this also holding me back? The doll is deliberately swaying, yet not falling over. I felt compelled to draw green shoots sprouting from her.... new ideas, better days ahead?

For me the Matryoshka wears a painted smile which conceals many, deeper layers. There are so many of us putting on a mask, a brave face, scared to leave the security of our own homes to face the world again. Let's talk about mental health and get the discussion going.” See more of Marcia's work on instagram

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