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Martyn Whitlock


"I'm an abstract artist from Birmingham in the UK. Growing up I have seen a massive shift in mental health awareness and appreciation and I think it is great to have platforms like this for people to share their thoughts and feelings whilst exploring a related connection. Art is a huge placebo when it comes to issues with mental health, offering an outward expression for a struggling artist or the ability to loose yourself for a moment as a viewer.

A huge life event in 2017 caused me to re-examine my own life and created mental barriers that I needed to surpass. I found the medium of abstract art using acrylic paint on canvas and so found a way to both express myself and gain purpose during difficult times. I am a logical person at heart and so being open doesn’t always come easy. This expression has allowed me to let loose whilst still having constraints to keep me grounded. This is why I paint with freedom yet purpose. Abstract but with form.

I still suffer from anxiety and use numerous techniques to try to rise above it, art being something I can always turn to. Whether something works or not, the creation is key, and the journey to finding a completed piece is inspiring. I would encourage anyone to find a form of artistic expression and enjoy it for you as well as always talking to someone when something does not feel right."

See more work on instagram.

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