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Alessia Camoirano Bruges


Studying identity through society's pressure on my body.

We live in a demanding society, a society that aims for the destruction of individuality and teaches us, since a young age, that our bodies should be objectified and criticised. As a young woman, I lived with constant pressure from myself first and then those around me. With this artwork I want to represent with acrylics, canvas, pouring medium, sand medium, glass medium and lyrics, my reaction to those times my identity was compromised by the pressure of society, through society's hands and eyes.

Their eyes, pinning me down

Silently in the night

Their hands are looking for the wrong answers all over my body

I don’t want to feel, I don’t want to give in

My whispers broke the mirrors

They carved little parts of my essence

And bled what I could not give

To that hateful reflecting image

The sound of the shower

Louder than gagging sounds

Bruises on my knees, waiting for that person

Satisfying the attentions that I long for

And inside my head the phone is ringing

But it never does

And I am never on my own

The days are conflicting emotions and pressing thoughts

Am I alone or am I lonely?

See more of Alessia's work on her website.

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