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Our Generation - Verona Alili

Verona Alili

We was born and raised in a generation surrounded by

drugs, violence and crime.

Where are only motives are to make money or visit a brother doing time.

You keep criticizing my generation forgetting who raised it!

You j bags done fucked up and it's time to face it.

They claim we have freedom but really where are our rights?

They might control us during the day but bitch we run the nights.

Were not allowed to vote until were 18 but by then it's too late to fix the mess you created.

And by 18 we would have seen things you haven't seen and done things

you haven't done.

And the more mistakes we make the smarter we become.

We might be younger but we are smarter because we are the new generation and we care for the one after.

The government stopped funding youth clubs because they don't care about us or that lil boy that was stabbed on the bus.

but automatically they assumed he was part of a gang.

Coz he was dressed in a tracksuit and spoke a bit of slang.

The police were at the door that very same night.

“No it couldn't of been him! is he hurt? is he alright?”

His mum cried all week as she lost her youngest son.

But his brother wanted revenge and so he picked up the gun.

Violence isn't the answer but what else do we know.

He clocked in the long run that he should of let it go.

Coz now he suffers from mental health issues and their

getting worser by the day.

Man don't believe that fake life that some people display.

And now a years gone by and he cant cope anymore.

His life changed that day the feds came knocking on his door.

But your whole life can flip within 24 hours.

The next thing you know your visiting your brother with flowers.

The government has failed us yet again and as a result hundred died.

Man they knew about they cladding but they thought

“we’ll let this one slide”

Now hundreds of families have to live through the mistakes you made.

And as a community we felt angry and betrayed!

How it took the council more than 3 weeks to show their face.

And when they finally did they put nothing into place.

Councils gettin 90 bags bonuses, while the survivors struggling in debt.

Man what happened that night is something we will never forget.

This is our generation and yh we might not be the best.

But at least when we've got something to say we say it with our chest.

No one's journey in life is the same, that’s fair to say.

Some have to work harder than others to be where they are today.

See more of Verona's art on Instagram.

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