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Rebecca Scott


"Many of the drawings that I produce are constructed via two very different drawing techniques. The initial drawing, or skeleton, is drawn completely blind until I can sense that the main details have been put onto the paper. This is followed by the details being added in a much more careful way looking at the paper and the subject/source.

The combination of the wild abandon of the blind drawing and the careful, meticulous details is a process that I find very satisfying. I believe that it fulfils my various impulses as an artist to draw in this way. The tension between freedom and control, instinct and deliberateness and imperfections and corrections are all contained in a single drawing. The action of 'fixing', or almost trying to justify the initial blind drawing is the main driving force behind the process.

In terms of subject matter, I am drawn to found images which stir something in me emotionally, and I try to be instinctive in this. The contemplative times when alone and the intensity of love are something that I try to capture in my images. The action of embracing imperfections is something that feels poignant considering the numerous ideals in modern society.

Creating artwork makes me feel productive and allows me to release tension, process experiences and channel challenging emotions into something I find satisfaction in."

See more of Rebecca's work on instagram.

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