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Recovery - Fiona Robertson

It was a cold and frosty day,

When I began to drift away.

Like the snowman melts in the glare,

I wanted to fade and lose every care.

I slowly put my head below,

I felt the water swirl and flow.

But through the haze I heard a voice,

Telling me I had a choice.

To continue on, with love and support,

Because to people, love I brought.

Times have been hard and the road has been long,

Sometimes I’ve felt like I couldn’t go on.

I’ve had many a setback, failure and strife,

I’ve wondered what is the point of my life.

I overcame obstacles, chased my fears,

Gritted my teeth and smiled through the tears.

I began to see a glimmer of hope,

Those around me helped me to cope.

Now years have passed and times have changed,

I kept on moving through the pain.

I found the strength inside of me,

Enjoyment in helping others succeed.

Recovery is possible if you believe,

You can accomplish and you can achieve.

Like a star I shine in the dark,

I will be here to leave my mark.

Now I can see how far I’ve come,

As I turn to face the sun.


"This poem is all about my journey to recovery. I am very passionate about mental health issues and I have volunteered and worked in mental health settings. I have only just started writing poems but I find it very cathartic"

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