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Mark Hetherington

"Resumé began as a piece created for homework over Christmas while I was doing my Foundation Art and Design course, to be used as the basis for exercises in abstraction. I wanted to try a different way of showing what was going on in my mind and the pills I used were actually the last of my anti-depressants!

Some of my fellow students had quite strong reactions to it, one called it “harrowing” when she realised it reflected my personal experiences. The title for this mixed media piece was taken from the title of a poem by Dorothy Parker.

I had a long period of depression and although I'm much better now, I feel like I'm in remission rather than 'better' - there's always the fear that it could return. I still make art about it from time to time. Partly it's a way of exorcising old demons and partly it's because I want to educate people who haven't suffered and to give them an idea how it felt for me. I don’t feel qualified to speak for anyone other than myself because, although there are common factors, I think everybody’s experience is unique."

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