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Jemma Jacobs

"I would like to see my work as helping those whose mental health is impacted by self-perception. By including the typically deemed 'imperfect' angles and body positions, my work seeks to argue that all figures can be art.

It battles against social conventions of what is and is not a 'perfect' body; while also creating a neutral space where all figures hold the same value. If you're not able to celebrate your body, I hope my work by the very least recognises it as equal to others. It is awful that our mental health can be so deeply affected by how we view ourselves and how we think others view us.

Seeing a greater range of body types within art, and as we are slowly able to see within the media too, might just decrease that pressure that society inflicts upon us: putting a stopper on those rigid frameworks of what we 'should' and 'shouldn't' look like. Hopefully freeing our minds a little bit too to focus more on what is important."

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