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Rome - Miranda Horn

Let that flicker of hope burn within you.

Even if you can hardly sense it

invisible to the naked eye it

snuffs out in a second

leaving only wax dripped fingers

and the scent of wood smoke waltzing in its wake.

Rome was not built in a day


You are an empire of your own.


“I grew up in London and used to write poetry as a child, but it wasn’t until lockdown 0.1 that I turned to it again as a way to articulate long since repressed feelings of desire.

This was also the time that I came out to my parents over email and to be honest I don’t think that would have happened without my writing showing me the answers I already knew to be true. I am an absorber of social discourse, always eavesdropping on conversations on the street, and I love fusing the everyday with references to historical contexts and nature. It makes me believe we have all been here before which I find comforting.

My writing reminds me to see the light and not get sucked into the false allure of darkness. I hope it does the same for the reader.”

Find more of Miranda's work on instagram.

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