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Sadness within me - Flavia Rocha Loures

A struggling soul, a broken glass –

Thus is born poetry in distress.

The sadness within me

refuses to go away.

The loneliness,

the self-replenishing emptiness

endured day after day.

I stare at the ocean, fascinated –

while sipping my birthday bubbly and,

as it sparkles in the night, I brush away the pain.

Quoting Pink Floyd’s immortal words,

I stand up and shout to the universe:

“Is there anybody out there?”

I lie down, waiting for some answer, however terse.

To my astonishment

the universe reacts,

bathing the heavy air with a summer breeze,

pushing away the clouds so the stars appear,

in all their majesty, they shine and appease

the conflict within me, that one frozen tear.

The beauty of this place

fulfills me

with some strange kind of resolve –

unexpected, unexplained, unreasonable.

I marvel, smile and liquefy,

oozing slowly towards the sea,

finding my way through the sand,

at last immersed in its immensity.

The waves reach out to my fluid hand,

lulling me

into tranquility.


"Flavia Rocha Loures is a Brazilian poet and environmental attorney. She has been writing since the age of 11, and published her first poetry book in 2010, with pieces in both Portuguese and English. Throughout her life, she has felt compelled to seek, write and share poetry. In her works, the author attempts to recreate her small, intimate cosmos, only to, paradoxically, leave it wide open for others to explore. She now lives in Xiamen, China, where she has been organizing the Xiamen Poetry Spree event series since September 2015 – a space where poets and poetry lovers come together to share and rejoice in the power of words."

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