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Shine Bright K - Kirsty Summers

Throughout the years

There have been many tears

She fought hard to fight the demons in her head

And came out the other side very strong instead

The Darkness and the light

Didn’t always shine so bright

For at one point she was sad

When she felt happy she was glad

Battling daily and feeling like you are a failure and no good

Times when I painted on my smile feeling so misunderstood

When you see a smile

Remember for a while

It is not always as it seems

For this illness there is no cure

There is one thing that is for sure

If we keep spreading love and making people aware

There will be less stress and a platform where people can share

Sending love and strength to those who need it most

Remember to hold your loved ones close

Do not be ashamed of who you are

As many of us have battled and come so far

Sending love – Shine Bright K


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