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Jake Quinlan


“Abstract art is a physical representation and expression of mental health. I like to believe that the paintings that I make capture the true chaos that many of us feel mentally, and create a physical time capsule of those periods of time. I feel my work constantly contains black tones as they are a link to the darkness we all feel deep down, which in the instance of 'Sydney,' clashes with instances of brightness in the colours, which I feel is almost like a 'Light at the end of the tunnel' sort of quality.'

This artwork was inspired and executed using a combination of internal emotion and visual stimulation from local decay. My local are has many abandoned properties, many remains from the industrial revolution, which have overtime began to loose the battle to nature, as plants begin to grow in the unused properties. This visual stimulation is responsible for the colour palette, of earth tones such as deep brownish reds, and the multiple green tones. the composition is a release of energy, as a recording of physical movement and actions. this internal energy is a release of mental energy, first as an ink study before producing a large scaled painting."

'Sydney', 2021, Oil on Canvas, 64x72cm.

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