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The Cloud Above Your Head - Shiva

Whilst it's grey above your head,

it can feel like you'll never be whole again,

as it is continuously raining,

the sadness becomes too overwhelming.

But please don't forget.

This cloud will not be here forever,

slowly, gradually, hour after hour,

either today or tomorrow,

the wind will gently blow.

For now, keep yourself warm and dry,

it's ok to let it rain, to have a cry,

all day, all night even,

as the drops wash away your pain.

Eventually the sun will be here,

as the wind is drying off your tears,

believe me, the sun will warm you up soon,

on a clear night, you might even see the moon.


"Shiva is a 34 year old French woman, she has been living in Scotland for approximately 9 years. Shiva regularly writes poetry to help her cope with depression, anxiety, complex PTSD and grief. Shiva also writes and shares her poems in the hope that her words help anyone else along the way."

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