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The No-Self of Complex Trauma - Kay Turner

“Know Thy-Self” - “To thine own Self be true”

Easier said than done.

Complex trauma = no Self

Self never was.

How then to be true?

Complex trauma = no truth.

What truth?

Truth never formed.

Never seen or experienced.

“Be YourSelf”

Dread followed by shame. More shame. Toxic. Endless.

Complex trauma = shame.

What’s my Self?

Who am I again?

Have I ever been?

Am I?


“Love Yourself”

Please stop.

I can’t.

I have no Self.

Am I enlightened?

With no real Self.

Not helpful.

As a human. Trying to live as me.


"I am a teacher, facilitator, researcher and writer. I facilitate individual, collective and institutional evolution through education, embodiment and creativity, and the amalgamation of metacognition, intuition and instinct, unifying the mundane and sacred."

Find more of Kay's work on her website.

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