The Voice - Kay

You tell me your thoughts,

I have no choice but to listen.

The demands in your voice,

From which my skin is still healing.

Grown up too fast,

Just to beat the person who's not me.

When people don't understand,

Because they don't see what I see.

When everything needs a reason,

"It just is" isn't easy.

Now he fights for control,

And though I fight I get weary.

Not a day goes by now,

Where he can't make me teary.

And though I say "I'm fine",

It's easier to accept,

Because where could I start,

How would you describe hell?

It's like a kid sometimes,

Who can't get it's own way,

One more word makes me get closer,

And he knows that's all it takes,

He mastered how to make me feel,

Sometimes useless enough to give up,

But yet I'm still here,

Fighting with everything I've got,

You tell me your thoughts, I have no choice but to listen,

I still hope that one day, I'll experience quiet living.

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Perspective Project | United Kingdom