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Thick as my Blood

Imes Paskalia

Session 8 - Blood stain

"This series of printmaking is a remake of the texture of a blood stain, inspired by the thick and raw flower petals (through the thick and dark outlines) and blood cells.

‘Thick as My Blood’ draws from the ideas of self-mutilation, blood cells seen at microscopic level and the beauty of their colour.

I have been obsessed with my own scars and blood and I wanted to illustrate the beauty of it. I don’t see something disgusting about scars, wounds or even bruises.

There is something going on with those three terms, I could not find what it was until now. They create curiosity for my sight and my inner feelings.

They might not see the beauty, they might say there is something wrong with this person"

See more of Imes' work on Instagram @darkesthourproject.

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