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by Karthik Aital


"I was always afraid of the syringes and vaccination sessions were such a nightmare. Even a general tetanus shot would make me feel like strangling myself, which I feel is far lesser of a pain than get my skin poked with that painful needle.

Recently I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and the blood tests have become common ever since. The very look of the unsmiling doctors the screaming nurses and the pale and the lost faces of people at the diagnostic Centre makes my panic attacks worse. Just a few days before my appointment, I get restless and insomnia, which mercilessly hampers my day to day activities.

I sometimes say to myself like a small boy ‘if I am ever blessed with Aladdin’s

lamp, I would sure ask the genie to destroy all the needles and sharp objects in the world’. Then I say to myself again ‘only if life was a fairy-tale like that…’"

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