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Untitled - Diya Padmakumar

Diya Padmakumar


"You would have read this or will probably read this in a lot of places but here's an affirmation anyway: there is no shame in asking for help. I also know that some of you would have tried asking for help and would have received BS instead. I'm sorry, really. It isn't your fault. Let's just say people who have turned you down are just, kinda, negligent. I hope it doesn't stop you from asking for help anyway. Illnesses are so scary, you wonder why is this happening to you. Some of you probably wish you were better off dead because you think there is no point in living with an illness. Here's one plain truth: your mind isn't really the best place to be in at the moment (if you are feeling lonely/sad/depressed/suicidal). It can lie to you and tell you things that will make you feel uncomfortable being in your own skin. You lose friends, good opportunities, what not. I hope none of this stops you from wanting and trying more. Let me tell you, your grief is the evil here, not you. Please reach out. Talk to someone. Call a friend if you trust them enough, tell them what you're feeling and how it bothers you. Or, you can talk to me. Here's my take on suicide prevention.You don't have to go through this alone."

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