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Walking by Water

Tania Bryan

"I am a fully qualified lecturer and professional bodybuilder. I faced a very difficult time in 2017. I won’t go into too much detail; however, these images are very representative of my narrative.

‘Walking by Water’ is a collection based on my journey back to health. I faced huge trauma falling from British/Welsh body building champion with bad injury in 2017, which meant I couldn’t train or even hold a pencil. It also meant I suffered greatly as an artist and art lecturer. My mum and husband walked me every day along local waters to settle my anxiety and depression. I felt like a I lost everything. Then from this, my beautiful scribble technique began. I couldn’t concentrate or hold a pencil for long to create much but scribbling became my treatment and therapy. The line almost show my level of uncertainty about life, and nothing seems quite complete, but nor am I anymore.

I found myself with a whole new art and something that has become a style that I still develop now. I am now NONaffArt Creative Director with a whole new path in front of me."

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