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Mission Terrain Dll Silent Hunter 5




 . . just yesterday, and everything went fine. I tried to reinstall the game, but I´ve got the same problem. I´ve installed Sh4 and Sh4-2 years ago, and I´m really nervous about this one. My PC is a fully Windows 7 64bit, Pentium 4 3.16Ghz with 4 Gb RAM and GeForce 6800. The error message says "This application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)"... Good news: It does not look like an error with Sh4:d_2k and Sh5 because you can start the game. The bad news: It appears to be an error in one of the Sh4 mod's you are using. I have read and accepted the license agreement when I loaded the demo. I have not installed any of the "Mission Terrain" mods. I do have a couple of mods that are critical for Sh4. As of right now, I'm not able to install any of the mods you listed as this game is apparently crashing when it tries to install them. I'd like to give you the link to my MGE download if it is possible. I have tried to install the sound and mission terrain mods from the Sh5 demo. I didn't know what the procedure would be. I did install the sound mods, but I am not sure how to install the mission terrain. I think you don't need to. I installed the 1st mission terrain from the demo. As soon as I saved, the game started crashing. After some testing, I found that this issue occurs only when the mission terrain mod is active. I don't know why. But it seems that if mission terrain is inactive, the game is OK. This is what I do : when the mission terrain is active, I choose not to install it. Then I choose to save. Then I load the saved game (no mission terrain active). If I tried to load the mission terrain from the demo, the game crashed too. There is a way to do it right? And what are you using for some researches? This is what I do : when the mission terrain




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Mission Terrain Dll Silent Hunter 5

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