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Perspective Project wouldn't exist without our wonderful artists and writers. These interviews share the stories of some of the creative people in our community. 


Some conversations explore personal accounts of mental health issues & events which may be triggering to some readers. Please browse with care.

Click on the artist's name or picture to access the full interview. 

Arezou is an Iranian visual artist currently based in London. Arezou uses her creative work to express her emotions, find stability and connect with others. She believes art is a universal language that we can all understand. Arezou’s work is now being exhibited around the world.

arezou  (1).jpg

Mark Noble is a Somerset-based artist specialising in landscape paintings and abstract work. Mark discuss how he uses art as a visual medium to communicate his feelings and share the beauty of the natural world with others. Mark is passionate about tackling climate change and promoting diversity through his work.

Mark - Bedroom Wall Mural_edited.jpg

Michael is an artist focusing on digital composite art & portrait painting. His recent work explores ideas of the ‘self,’ using repeated motifs to reflect his mental state. Michael discusses his experience with depression & anxiety, and how creating art to express his darkest thoughts has been a vital part of his healing process.

Michael Moore Cover Image.jpeg

Dale Tyler-Lodge describes herself as a mixed-media mannequin artist. Dale began using art as an outlet during the first COVID-19 lockdown, exploring her own experiences of anxiety and self-image. Dale discusses her previous and upcoming exhibitions aimed to raise awareness and understanding of issues surrounding mental health.


Joshua Clarke is a self-taught artist specialising in portraiture and figurative art. His work conveys themes around mental illness, politics and social commentary. Josh discusses his experience with body dysmorphia and how portraiture has allowed him to explore self-perception. 

Joshua Clarke headshot.png

Kathryn is a UK-based portrait photographer, specialising in photography for mental health and wellbeing. Kathryn shares how her experience with depression led to a new creative process, which transformed her relationship with herself. She now offers this work to others, helping clients through a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Kath Chapman cover.png

Becky is a collective of contemporary artists with Dissociative Identity Disorder as a result of extreme childhood trauma. This interview explores life with D.I.D and highlights the diversity of creative work from Becky’s personalities. Most notably, ‘Jack’, ‘Fi’ and ‘Becky’ paint in a wide range of opposing mediums, whilst 'Stephen' writes poetry

Jack cover image_edited.jpg

Chrissie Richards is a Brightlingsea based artist known for her innocent narrative figure paintings.  Chrissie discusses how her mental health informs her artwork, capturing how she feels as well as what she sees in the world around her.

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Dorota Chioma is an artist and poet, exploring a range of topics associated with mental health and grief.  She speaks about her experience with post-natal depression and rediscovering her creativity through Art Therapy.

Screenshot 2021-08-03 at 11.16_edited.jpg

Chris Kent is an artist, illustrator, writer, woodworker and teacher based in the Scottish Borders. Chris’ creative work often explores themes relating to his mental health and the natural world. Chris discusses his passion for learning and how it informs his own self-discovery and growth.


Abi Chapman is a designer and the founder of The Accessibility Project (TAP). TAP is a social enterprise that researches, challenges and breaks down accessibility barriers in society. Abi shares how she uses her design skills to communicate her story and solve societal problems, exploring disability, grief, domestic violence and sexuality.

Abi Chapman_edited.jpg

Isidora is a poet & writer from Chile.  She discusses her experience with Anorexia & OCD, and how she finds comfort in literature. Isidora speaks about rediscovering herself and redefining her creative process as she continues to recover. Isidora has written two books and is currently working on a third.

Isidora interview cover image.jpeg

Jemma is a self-taught artist encouraging self-love and body positivity through her work. Jemma discusses her passion for sustainable art practices and how creating work has helped her own mental health & body image.

Jemma Jacobs cover image_edited.jpg

Alessia is an Italian-Colombian artist based in London. Her work explores identity, nature and human experiences using colours as the main language. Alessia discusses how she uses art to understand and process her emotions, and sees each artwork as a cathartic experience.


Saira-Jayne is an Artist, Poet, Social Worker and Lived Experienced Practitioner. Saira discusses how creating poetry and visual art provides a platform to share her story and amplify her voice. Saira's work is heavily influenced by her care experience, social work and mental health. 

0 me ppl  (2)_edited.jpg

Geoffrey is an awarded South Australian poet and retired educator. In this interview, Geoffrey discusses his experience with Schizophrenia, numerous publications, and shares some insightful lessons from his literary journey.  


If you are an artist interested in being interviewed for our website, please get in touch!

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