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A Bed Time Story #6 Daisyland


"My distinctively dark and evocative self-portrait photographs intimately reflect my ongoing struggles with severe anxiety and depression. My fear of leaving home often leaves me feeling isolated and alone. My photographs are all created within the same, 2 by 1.5 metre space; my bed. I believe my bedroom is the keeper of my trapped and repressed emotions. I once had, what felt like the luxury of creating work within the whole of my bedroom, but after my health worsened, bed is the only place in which I feel well enough to create. My fear of leaving home alone has been heightened during the Coronavirus pandemic. I love daisies, but felt afraid and unable to visit them. Whilst painting the nature I longed to be in upon my skin, I thought to myself how lovely it would be to live in a new land filled with daisies, so in the safety of bed I created ‘Daisyland’; my safe space."

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