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All I see - Hazel Hutchison


"At the beginning of 2019, I was rushed into hospital whilst abroad on my honeymoon in the middle of the night for emergency surgery which left me extremely anxious. Luckily surgery was performed and I was OK. I managed to fly home days later which then resulted in confinement to my house. I developed health anxiety due to this I was also studying an MA photography degree during this time.

To try to take my mind off the situation I started to list 5 things around me as a distraction, scenes I would usually overlooked, like the light shining in through my window or views from behind cupboards...

This eventually became a photography project “All I See” which has a deliberate double meaning. It can show a dissatisfied/bored response to my limited immediate surroundings or it can also mean an appreciation of the more subtle finer details of objects and scenes I would usually overlook.

I went on to fuse these image into a glass installation when I was fully recovered to represent the confinement behind it and fragility I felt. I also think these distractions would work with any form of picture taking or drawing etc.

Another process I learnt at the time, was a photography process called Caffenol; The process of developing photographs using Coffee, Washing soda and Vitamin C- all ingredients all within the home. The process is believed to be one of the most eco-friendly process as well as one of the safest ways to practice photography.

I became fascinated in this technique when someone told me I could make photos with my breakfast!

Not wanting to use standard photographic developer and for experimentation, I decided to develop some photographs with the limited supplies I had in the home and developing them there myself.

My hope for the project is that it raises awareness of mental health or as means to communication with anyone that has felt unwell or lonely by showing some distraction/coping mechanism in hard times by use of creativity."

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