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"'Speechless' conveys how it can feel struggling with mental health. It can feel like you're in a dark hole with the spot light on you, and everybody is watching you. Anxiety and paranoia can make you reject the people who are genuinely trying to help, making it hard to distinguish between the angels and demons.

The figures in the background represent memories. Old ghosts and predictors.

The speech bubble is to try and explain the inexplicable. Sometimes no words can accurately describe what it feels like to battle depression.

I am an artist known as Ruben who uses a range of materials to explore mental health and tell stories open to interpretation. From a beginning of trading artwork for goods whilst homeless, my work has centred around personal experiences. Since being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder 7 years ago my work has acted as not only therapy but a different way to communicate and talk about mental health. As an artist I also take commissions with the aim of empowering the buyer by validating their own experiences and story with a piece of art that represents them."

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