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Painting Me - Phillip Knight

Always outspoken, yet forever silent

Tonight, opinions hang in claustrophobic spaces

As conversation closes in oppressing pulsations

Social anxiety reduces body into a limpid weed

Good only for the trample of larger feet, heavier boots

How do I keep my head up when I feel my spine rupture under the burden of conformity

A personality should not be whitewashed.

Comatose beyond the point seen behind own eye

To shutter and stutter world wealth;

Knowledge and beauty, the all-encompassing accompanied emotion

They drain from me, like a spirit in death

Taken out of body, this shell of confidence mutilated within a pressure pit of conformity

Supporting sporting triumphs

Automobile constructive criticism

Metamorphosis into a detained self

A forfeited French fancy

Poetic verses are the words ejected from a page

Love, left locked in shadows

Darkened by demanding change

Emotion feigned into numbing non-committal opinion

When wasn't I enough

Who I am, disestablished onto lower runs


The mirror no longer reflecting my birth

My make up

Just a man. Hollow and lost

Now I am what you always wanted me to be

Just a man. Hollow and lost


See more of Phillip Knight's poetry and upcoming releases at Fishbowl Publishing.

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