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The Future is Bright - Rachel Hutchins

Whatever doesn't kill us

Can only make us strong.

Sometimes it takes a backward step

To find out where we belong.

We are all guilty of muddling through

And taking things in our stride.

But until we're put in an impossible situation

We will continue to run and hide.

Repeating the same things everyday

Not realising we're stuck in a rut.

Controlled by the 9-5 system

Without an 'if' or a 'but'.

Depression means we strive for routine

And struggle when it's not set in place.

But the mind is such a complex force

We have to give in to is need for space.

Our bodies are finely tuned machines

With each aspect playing a vital part.

We are always taught the importance

Of listening to our head and our heart.

Anxiety makes the heart pound faster

Which creates fear in the brain.

If we're not careful it will all fall apart

And we will buckle under the strain.

Yes it's a cliché but it's also the truth

Life is indeed far too short...

I'd much rather focus on what can be achieved

Than reliving all the battles I've fought.

The big wide world is sary

But it's ours to grab with both hands.

Never underestimate family and friends

They will always listen and understand.

The time has come to take control

And make the good times begin.

Whatever has happened is in the past

We will fight the demons and win!


"This poem was written just prior to me having a bit of a breakdown and being signed off work with depression and anxiety. I was really struggling with my emotions and didn't know who to talk to or what to say. I had started to isolate myself from friends and family and was scared to admit what I was going through.

One night when I couldn't sleep (which was most nights) I decided to write down exactly what I was feeling. My mum has always taught me that writing things down is the best outlet for expressing emotions.

I've always been a creative person so decided that a poem would be my voice....

After writing the piece I tentatively uploaded it to Facebook. That way I didn't have to confront people individually, I'd just ripped off the metaphorical plaster!

Since writing the poem the support has been amazing. I knew that I had great friends and family but I underestimated how much they really cared for me and would be there to help and provide comfort in my time of need."

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