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Cognitive Distortions / Borderlands - Anonymous

Border Lands

I'm supposed to try,

And pry,


Into their world.

The one the has unfurled

Its fingers,

That surround,

And propound,

Who I am.

Starting again

To understand everyone else.

But come,

Step into my house.

Come to my party,

And be.

Who wants to understand me?

Cause I get these labels,

That fulfills all their graphs and tables,

About whom they want me to be.

Ha! We will see.

And I'm supposed to join,



With those that say they are free?

But what do you see

When you look at me

On that border

Teetering on that line

That is so fine.

So fine.

This line of knowing or not,

This line that has got

To end some time,

The rhyme,

That seems to go on,

And on,

...And on...

This rhyme,

This crime,

That steals away the real emotions,

The pure and unadulterated inspirations.

Inspiration, shit!

And to take away another hit,

From the words

Of the people who say they care,

But really it is just their anger in flare.

All riding on a merry-go-round,

While I drown.

No. Not Them!

Because they wouldn't DARE

Be found in my world.

The shit they hurled.

Do you see what I am trying to say,

To play.

I am

On the border

Teetering on that line

That is oh so fine,

So fine.

But let's see YOU ride that Border

To teeter on that line

That is oh so fine,

So fine.


Step into my world,

The one in a knot,


And let's see how you do.

Instead of me,

We'll scrutinize you.

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