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Decaying Comfortably


"I believe art and the process of making it can work as a kind of therapy as well as a tool for self understanding, not to mention communication and sharing which I gather is what your project is about. I wanted to submit these two paintings based on personal experience, primarily of a roughly four year period of crippling anxiety, isolation and depression. As terrible as the experience was, and continued to make me feel for a long time, I now look back on it as an important part of my life's journey and am finding a renewed sense of identity and purpose.

This work is oil on canvas that I've called 'Decaying Comfortably'. It's one of my favourite things I've ever done both for its very personal nature and how I've managed to capture a lot of my favourite elements of art and painting as well. As grotesque as it is there's a hint of cartoon-y humour in it I think, something that's also important for me to help put my experiences into perspective"

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