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Cassia Mayos


"I’m mixed media and textile self taught artist. I’ve got Asperger’s and I’ve struggled with severe depression since childhood. I came from a very abusive background, I’ve been through bullying, mental and physical abuse in the place where I’m supposed to be safe, my home. And that’s when your mind can get so messed up because when you go through bullying or any kind of abuse outside, you know you will have protection from those people who love you and you know you have a safe place to go. But when bad things happen from this safe place, where should you go? Who would you trust?

In lockdown last year I started to hear David Bowie every day, all day while meditating and painting. I’m huge fan of him, his voice and his words always had a calming effect on me. I did pick ‘Life on Mars’ lyrics and just related to it. In Bowie’s lyrics, the girl with the mousy hair related to my childhood and teens moments. I wondered if there was somewhere better than where I was, questioning if there was life better than mine, a better place to go?

I love to draw faces and I do journaling every day with faces surrounded positive quotes. It’s my own therapy, things will get better. When I’m in crisis or having a meltdown and I draw faces with crying eyes, it’s like releasing that bad anxiety, fear and sadness from my soul.

Perhaps every face I draw is my inner ‘girl with the mousy hair,’ from Bowie’s lyrics. Drawing them is like putting out those emotions, making my inner scared and hurting child see that now we are on Mars, it’s safe, it’s ok. 

It has been helpful to get out of so many crises and I’d suggest to anyone having mental difficulties to do art. You don’t have to be an expert, just get a pen, pencils and paper and splash colours there, it’ll shift your focus and take you to a better places, maybe to Mars!"

See more of Cassia's work on instagram.

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