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Flowers Grow From Broken Places


"I am a 28 year old acrylic figurative painter from Seattle. My work is in realism portraits and mainly focuses on the human condition.

For me art is an escape to my serenity, a refuge from the world, and mental illness. I often paint memorials of people that have lost their lives to their mental health struggles.

I am a survivor, and my art is a raw reflection of my own conflict as well as the tumultuous path to recovery. I use my pain as fuel for my passion of painting, pouring my soul onto every canvas. I aim to inspire others with similar stories.

This painting is about recovery and regrowth from the deep wounds of trauma. It's an inspiration piece I painted during a long journey to healing. Rising from the ashes of the wreckage and becoming stronger than before."

Acrylic on canvas 16'×20'

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