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George and the Dragon 4

Ann Foster


"Here, the subject is winning the battle. She is in the process of defeating and overcoming her internal problems. The mask she wears is another persona that she has taken on in order to find the resourcefulness to conquer her internal dragon"

I trained in art in my 20s, achieving a first-class BA (Honours) and an MA. However, having a family, I found it impractical to also pursue a career as an artist at that time. I consequently went into a career in social work, and in time became a manager for mental health services, with responsibility for multiple facilities. After several years, and due to complications in my personal life, I had a severe nervous breakdown which forced me to accept early retirement. In an attempt to find myself again, I began to paint again. I focused on creating images of empowered women, such as Amazon warriors. Many of my recent works are metaphors or allegories for the battle of the individual against mental health problems.

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