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On The Turn Of A Card - Ronald Finn

What is your definition of normal?

Is it flying high before falling into the depths of despair?

Is it by choice that you choose to live your life in total isolation?

That constant niggling feeling that no one really cares.

Do you find it difficult in distinguishing the blurred lines of reality?

Does everything you do just dampen your mood?

Do you fret about going out for weeks on end?

Worried that people might think that you’re just being incredibly rude.

The worlds a stage where the pressure is on for you to act your best

Or do you prefer instead to watch from the wings rather than a leading role.

Letting someone else take the applause while you hide behind a screen

Keeping up appearances in the hope that no one sees you’re a tortured soul.

Life is a script and its up to you to make of it what you will.

Or do you find your life is a constant rollercoaster of ups and downs?

Perhaps you’re one of those people that daydream wishing your life away?

Seeing the world as dull instead of the vibrant colours that are all around.

Don’t ponder on what you want to be but rather who you are now.

Allow yourself to see the full picture in glorious ‘Three D.’

Throw off the shackles and confront the nightmares that have held you back.

Give yourself a standing ovation, for tomorrow who knows what you can achieve.


"I am 63 years of age and my interest in poetry began back in 2002. I had my first piece published in 2004. The following year I was invited to ‘The Hastings Poetry Festival 2005’ to read some of my work. To date I have had over fifty poems published on various themes in different publications.

My interest in mental health comes from the fact that I have suffered with depression over a number of years, writing poetry helps with my anxiety. My wife, Janet, has always encouraged me to face my demons of which I now use in a positive way to my advantage to tap into my creativity including writing my first children’s book 'Unlikely Heroes' and now venturing into writing song lyrics with a country theme."

Find more of Ronald's poetry on his website.

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