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Jaynie Jones


"It is sometimes a curse to feel everything so deeply. After a series of chaotic events had left me feeling rather broken and disillusioned with life, I decided it was time for a period of solitude, withdrawal and reflection. It was during this period that I began to feel the urge to express my experiences and feelings.

As I began to heal, I started to receive visions in the form of dreams and for some reason I turned to art. Having never even picked up a paintbrush prior to this, I started to use painting as a way to channel these visions as part of a natural healing process, and to capture and illustrate to myself and others, my thoughts, feelings and emotions as they manifested themselves in my dreams.

I have found as time’s gone on, that art allows me to express my thoughts and dreams of fear and love. The process of creating has turned out to be my healer and saviour. It has helped me to repair so many broken threads within my mind and has given me a new perspective and feeling of enlightenment in life. I now paint pretty much every single day and I love to share my creations with the world. I find it both magical and mystical because I didn’t choose art.. Art chose me!"

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