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"This painting represents solitude. Growing up, I felt a very intense feeling and need to isolate myself followed by very intense feeling of being surrounded by people. It was hard for me to find a middle ground and therefore my relationships have been a mixture of ups and downs. With this painting I want to convey the times that I have isolated myself in a negative light.

I literally cried while doing this painting, I just felt so many different emotions and so many things that I needed to let out. While mixing the colours I could feel this massive wave coming at me and I was ready to fight it but then I stopped. I just let it happen and I allowed my hands to take over and just mix colours and pour down the paint. When I finished, I sat there thinking about how hard it is to portray emotions but how rewarding it is when I let go of them on canvas.

Hold my love inside the twilight

expecting peaceful drunk princesses

reaching distant echoes

dancing on my own"

#Isolation #Anxiety #Depression

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