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Ugly Painting

Nibras Sabrina

"Existing is indeed exhausting. But regardless, thank you, for existing. Cause I know life’s been so hard on us, that we wish we never existed. But you’re never alone. Thank you for fighting really hard, for surviving and for still being alive at this point. An ugly painting for a life that isn’t always pretty. May there be shades for you to cool off along your journey, may there be lifeboats in the middle of the storm you’ve been stuck in, and I hope you know it’s ok to be so sad or even so depressed at a certain period of time. Don’t forget, there will always be light. It is looking for you. It will touch you. In the midst of chaos, rest and look up. It's the eye of the storm. unbothered and peaceful. If you can sit and hold on tight, you will reunite with The Divine." Follow Nibras Sabrina @pa1ntful

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