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Winners - Geoff Aitken

"as a result of Scott Morrison’s 2018 budget,

there’s $38 million for support to those discharged from hospital after a suicide attempt.”

for such government assistance

which federal member

will be the first to demand

an enquiry into the validity

of the poor mental health

of those who attempt suicide?


"I am a long time schizophrenic on continuing medication (Olanzapine, low dose 2.5mg) recently reduced but anyone who is diagnosed should know; it is for life. That's the poignancy. Life! And no matter how you anticipate the future, nothing changes. The world though, would have us, 'chase wellness'. And that is the context for my piece. I was diagnosed and hospitalised several times from 1980 and my reduced medication really says nothing about my condition. And so, I arise each morning (now retired) thinking only of now; today. Every now and again I feel as I did when I wrote "another mental health day". "So it goes", wrote Kurt Vonnegut (also a schizophrenic). I have gone on too long."

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